Make the most environmentally friendly ballast water management systems
Original EPT (Enhanced Physical Processing) technology, the marine environment, ballast tanks and crew O injuries

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Not only to meet the biological effectiveness indexIMO D-2Claim,While meeting California、New York standards

obtainCCS、BV、KR、USCG(AMS)The type approval certificate

Hydraulic cyclones filter—Maximum capacity of filter sand,Sediments reduce the ballast tanks

Can effectively filter particles larger than25Microorganisms and solid particles microns;No clogging,No need to replace the filter;Duplex stainless steel,Permanent maintenance,long lasting;
Convenient and flexible installation,Save space。Tiltable installation(maximum45degree),It can also be installed on the abandoned space、Ship skeleton between the like。

Ultrasonic preprocessor—To make up for the shortcomings of a single UV technology

Ultrasonic pretreatment system can pre destruction of microorganisms crop physics and chemistry,Prevent their resurrection and restoration。Than single-use products to reduce UV technology similar30%-60%The electricity consumption。
Strong resistance against microbes,Such as"Artemia brine"and"Shrimp Eggs"Wait,In particular through strengthening physical treatment。

UV germicidal—The most mature and reliable Physical Sterilization

UVC(UVC:200-280MM)Microorganisms can breakDNAChain,Resulting in microbial death Die。Specially developed multi-color UV lamp,Can prevent microbial resurrection andDNARepair the chain。 According to the different inflow water turbidity,Automatic control and ensure uniform distribution of UV intensity。 Adopt uniform inflow water flow control,Increasing the stirring effect。Easy lamp replacement,With automatic cleaning device、Anti Crushing device、Attenuation and lifespan monitoring and alarm device。

Distributed Installation,Save more space

The modular structure,It can be integrated on the same skid,It can also be split into parts in series with the ballast water distribution network。Greater installation flexibility,To cabin machine(Pump)Give birth to more space。

Global pre-service systems—Real-time grasp the operation status of the device

Products equipped with satellite communication module,Through satellite communications equipment running status information in real-time feedback to equipment manufacturers and shipowners,Let become timely sale、full、accurate。

Sound global service network,So you do not worry