Electronic chart display and information system

  • NAVI-PILOT-T5000 is a high-performance electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) equipment, which fully meet international regulatory requirements ECDIS, providing chart data loading and updating, design and inspection route, route monitoring, measurement and computing, combined with integrated alarm chart data and sensor data and other functions.

    In addition to meet international standards, NAVI-PILOT-T5000 increases the radar image overlay, Conning and other powerful features, and support for raster charts, network-based deployment, and help secure and comfortable ship navigation.

    NAVI-PILOT-T5000 has passed CCS certification, and to provide staff training chart data and personalization services based on customer demand.

The main function

● Support Hai Tuge formula: S57 / S63 / ARCS
● Chart update mode: CD / USB / e-mail / online updates
● Display mode: north-up / course-up / heading up display to
● Sport mode: relative motion mode / True motion mode
● route design, simulation and inspection
● Support rhumb line, and great circle route Mixed route mode
● Real-time monitoring sensors and navigational information
● Real-time route check and a warning message
● chart information queries (Hai Tuji this information, object info, etc.)
● Charts search Positioning (port name, place names and other key words)
● manually update and seafarers plotting
● logbook and playback

system integration

● can be integrated GPS, Compass, GYRO, DARPA, LOG, depth sounder, wind speed and direction instrument, such as equipment on board
● Supports NMEA 0183 network and two connections
● You can display more than 2000 AIS target or ARPA target



Reliability Paul

● processing unit: the use of solid state disk (SSD), seismic and durable, fanless, wide temperature range
● Monitor: Nautical special displays, there is CCS and DNV certificate
● Removable hard disk: When the software system fails, you can just put on the spare hard
● 24V power supply equipment throughout, after the board 220V AC failure, automatically switches to 24VDC power supply without UPS, you can ensure uninterrupted work

feature of product

● / English bilingual support

● 100% independent development, specialization can be customized according to user needs

● The system can switch between ECDIS, Conning and radar images of the three (optional)

● available worldwide electronic chart data and electronic publications (tide data, data and radio beacon signal)

● a variety of training methods, to provide product training certificate

● The device uses a modular design, so can be embedded, desktop and piano desktop mounting

● The product supports single, double backup and network-based variety of deployment



Driven by information technology, large-scale marine equipment information, intelligence level continues to improve, and gradually expand the scope of application of the ship LAN. According to customer demand, we now offer ship-based electronic chart display and information system LAN (hereinafter referred to as "LAN-ECDIS"). LAN-ECDIS is based on those already by China Classification Society (CCS) certification ECDIS equipment for large vessels network-based integrated navigation system, which is installed ECDIS equipment (ECDIS) for navigation bridge of the ship, the ship different location, the installation ECDIS terminals (including iPad mobile access terminal), can simultaneously monitor the ship's position, heading, speed, heading, AIS target, ARPA target information.


Before the Ship ECDIS equipment already installed, in the case of full protection of existing investments, it does not affect the normal navigation of the original ECDIS, ECDIS by adding a server (Server-ECDIS), to implement this program.