Ship Management Monitoring System

VMS System Introduction

VMS ship remote monitoring and management system (Vessel Monitoring & Management System) will mainly sail, engine, audio, video and other data collection, compression, encryption, using a communication device to a variety of data on the shore-side database server aggregation, classification, forwarding and storage.
Shore-side management (headquarters, branch offices) under the authority of the server can log, view real-time information about the ship, and you can retrieve historical information, through periodic and objective data, to enhance fleet management to provide more evidence.

The main function
Remote monitoring: security monitoring, site conditions and equipment status in real time to understand
Video conferencing: teleconferencing, leadership condolences
Internal Control: Ship internal monitoring and recording
Office Automation: Automatically generated according to the needs of customers and business processes needed tables
Historical data: historical data can be retrieved by any ship server

Network Structure


product description
● 8 way standard NMEA 0183 interfaces;
● Up to 16 video inputs;
● standard RJ45 interface;
● Transmission rate: 1 to 25 frames / sec;
● support QCIF, CIF, D1 display mode
● Power input: DC24V;
● Weight: 4 kg.

function descriptor


                         Remote video surveillance multiparty video conferencing integrated real-time alarm statistics show (host part) Real-time data monitoring Navigation

History Voyage Data
● view data from the selected ship sailing
● View selected time voyage data
● Data download (Excel spreadsheet)


Fleet vessel position monitoring


Historical sailing reproduced tracks