Safety at sea visualization management system

By means of modern wireless communications, ship or offshore platform personnel on the region of interest location in real time, and in real time via satellite communication uploaded to shore monitoring platform; in distress or emergency situations, it is possible to organize an effective and orderly escape, and in Analyzing timely rescue of persons in distress during the general area, to take reasonable measures.
System composed of a total of two parts, internal RFID personnel identification module and drowning AIS-MOB rescue module


Technical support
● RFID Radio Frequency Identification
   RFID radio signal by identifying a specific target and to read and write data, without recognition system between a specific target to establish a mechanical or optical contact. Commonly used ultra-high frequency, microwave and other technologies.
● AIS Automatic Identification System Extended Application MOB (Man OverBoard)
   AIS-MOB (AIS personal portable emergency beacon) can be installed on a life jacket or carry portable emergency position-indicating alarm equipment, the device can automatically start through manual or drowning, application self-organizing time division multiple access AIS technology in AIS channel or a dedicated channel assignments, timing, location and alarm sending personal information that can be used by all AIS terminal equipment and base station equipment receives the display, improve the efficiency of search and rescue. Equipment from the AIS transmitter circuit, consisting of GNSS positioning, antennas, batteries and other components, can work continuously for more than 48 hours in an emergency, it can be widely used in various search and rescue system.

RFID signal acquisition terminal deployment


RFID Data Transfer


RFID personnel security management platform visualization capabilities
● Live View area location per passenger or crew of the ship or the platform;
● Real-time statistics of ships or platforms within a region the number of personnel;
● the number of personnel to restricted areas overrun alarm;
● You can view each passenger or crew activities within a certain time trajectory;
● The statistical analysis within a region the number of personnel and lifesaving equipment ratio and the police;
● statistics for each fitted with RFID signal acquisition terminal doors through rate;
● The personnel information in real time via satellite communication device is transmitted to the shore regulatory authorities;
● The monitor area is less than the total number of alarm when the total number of registered boats

Terminal Products --RFID wrist terminal


Terminal Products -RFID signal acquisition terminal
● Built circularly polarized antenna, in line with international standards and communication protocols: EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
● covering frequency: 865 ~ 928 MHz, and by FCC, ETSI, SRRC, NCC certification
● can be programmed to control the output power (up to + 30dBm)
● has dense reader mode function can be configured RSSI, LBT and other agreements
● With TCP / IP, support for local area network LAN, support WIFI transmission
● read distance of up to 9M
● superior performance and reliability


AIS-MOB system integration diagram


Terminal Products - shipborne AIS
● Meet AIS CLASS-A class of international norms
● Compatible with all types of AIS Transceiver
● English text messaging
● AIS-SART alarm display
● MOB List Editor and alarm display
● Optional with detailed electronic charts MKD


Terminal Products -AIS MOB
● The AIS technology, can quickly be close to receiving AIS equipment;
● manual start, automatic start work in two ways;
● Two AIS default frequencies alternately transmit, easily identify the MOB alarm;
● The low-power design, make sure you can work for more than 48 hours;
● can be worn on the chest belt life jacket, or caught in the whistle;


● passenger ships, cruise
● offshore construction platform
● offshore drilling platform
● special task medical ship, supply vessels