TPM ship to shore satellite communication

Product Category
Webcast Intercom
Multimedia control system
Satellite TV Antenna
Satellite imagery
Satellite communications antenna system

Core shipboard satellite communications products
Shipboard satellite antenna system (onboard mobile communications / VSAT)
KU / C-Band: SC60 / SC90 / SC120 / SC180
Ship-borne satellite TV antenna system
KU Band: SV35 / SV42 / SV45 / SV60 / SV80 / SV120
C-band: SV150 / SV200 / SV240
Offshore Platform satellite antenna system (platform quiet pass / VSAT)
KU / C-Band: SCF120 / SCF180 / SCF240

Technical advantages
Satellite antenna technology core
Strong anti-jamming

The advantages of satellite communications products
Built-in anti-jamming module. Some of the equipment can be built anti-burnout module, even  swept into the S-band radar models can also be effective to prevent  burning and damaged spare parts, sailed comfortably.
Original E-SCAN technology is based on pulse technology, more  advanced than the technology is now widely used in star search faster,  track more closely to enhance the user experience.
Using gyro-stabilized, two / three / four-axis tracking, sailing  does not affect the signal reception, the signal loss to prevent the  ship moving.

VSAT-based applications
Network data transmission.
IP telephony applications.
Ship equipment monitoring data transmission.

Ship mobile communications antenna
SC  series is a series of ship our mobile communications antennas, antenna  systems with high efficiency and intelligent stability control system,  real-time two-way transmission of voice, fax, high speed data, video and  other signals, and fully meet different types of business needs.
It applies to ship, transport, customs, oil, fishery, marine and other industrial and service sectors.

Ship mobile communications antenna characteristics
The antenna system automatic completion of Ku-band  communications satellite positioning, search, track and re-captured, the  various functions of the system of complete and comprehensive;
Applicable to all types of broadband satellite communications  network, capable of broadband, large amounts of data, voice, data,  images and other multimedia signals in real-time two-way transmission;

Suitable for use in all waters of the world, bearing support  system 360 ° continuous rotation, tilt cover 0 ° ~ 100 °, ± 90 °  polarization angle can be adjusted automatically;
System can guarantee in a variety of complex and harsh sea  conditions normally smooth communication system using the world's  advanced satellite tracking and stabilization technology, track faster  than second 60 °;
Servo mechanical structure of the system using a high-rigidity  design, with excellent shock resistance, reliability, and adaptability  to the marine environment.

Platform static in through the antenna characteristics
Meet ASIASAT, APT, CHINA SATCOM, SINOSAT, INTELSAT and other network requirements;
System performance, network platform and communication services compatible with various types of satellite modems;
Control system with a high degree of intelligence and  automation, can automatically locate within two minutes, search,  identify, target or switch satellite;
It can be performed in real time broadband voice, data, images and other multimedia information bidirectional transmission;
The system supports automatic, semi-automatic, and manual three  finder mode, so the communication system can continue to work in a  variety of environments and equipment status;
The system can meet the requirements of global unlimited navigation area.


     Ku-band VSAT coverage maps (Global)     


      Ku-band VSAT overlay (China)


                                                  C-band resources