Crew safety education and training system

Crew training system (SETT) is based on the mobile computing platform developed, has a safe and independent intellectual property rights, for the network and mobile applications, general type of crew in the ship training system. SETT has been successfully applied to all kinds of ships, with its stability, easy to use, open and so on.


● A full range of training content of discipline and international standards: the introduction of International Maritime Training Authority VIDEOTEL company produced the crew training video, providing advanced training in accordance with the International Maritime Organization standard. The training of each module covers all aspects of ship operations, such as: safety production, corporate culture, convention regulations, rules and regulations, professional skills, ideological and political, etc..
After various forms of training: this system combines audio and video, animation. Courseware, e-books and other different means to provide theoretical education, personnel on board guidance, practical technology, knowledge analysis case, diverse forms of training in the training ship is no longer boring, can greatly improve the learning efficiency of persons on board.
After evaluation and analysis of scientific training effect: perfect training records, online examination and examination management function, to ensure the effectiveness of training to get scientific assessment, download and analysis support training records.


System architecture diagram

After fit user needs: to provide customized services for containers, bulk cargo, oil tankers, special transportation and other different types of ship training support system, to provide a complete solution for the enterprise in the ship crew training program. Users can customize the module function according to the specific needs, and users can upload custom training material, establish a comprehensive, fit the actual needs of the user in the ship training platform.
Feels easy to deploy, support distributed application: the system uses B/S architecture, training host as the server can be deployed in any local LAN access ship, multiple users can be in different locations at the same time via a browser to access the system, convenient in ship personnel on board training, examination or management.
After the powerful ship remote data synchronization: crew information, training and examination records, online content by Ocean maritime satellite synchronization and shore based management system, centralized management and remote monitoring.
The operating environment feels reliable and efficient: highly modular design, with good expansibility; B/S architecture, convenient deployment, cross platform access; IPAD interface, easy to use, without training; industrial software and hardware platform, stable and reliable.

Product advantage
After all: focus on the needs of users, to the user's actual needs as the goal, to provide comprehensive solutions in the ship crew training; comprehensive coverage of all types of education and training in all kinds of ship, ship.
After the intelligent automatic recognition of crew positions, control training time, ensure the quality of training; random questions, to ensure the science fair.
After stable availability of excellence; running long time
Easy to use: after network training, the crew can participate in the training of B/S architecture, whenever and wherever possible; no need to install; the interface is simple and easy to use, easy to use.
After the perfect technical support: to provide 5*8 hours free technical support hotline; provide limited time free on-site technical guidance and training.

System module


SETT uses a modular design, each functional module can be selected according to user needs, the image is commonly used module sample.
After the online examination
Test generation: the system can according to the position of the crew (rank), automatic test from randomly selected corresponding questions, to ensure the objectivity and fairness of the test.
Examination time: after entering the examination module, the system automatically starts the countdown and prompts the candidates, the time has not yet submitted papers will be automatically submitted to the system.
Results: the analysis report and examination system generates automatic assignment, and immediate report; the system can automatically provide the test results, the next step of learning guidance for the crew.
Discipline management system
Training resource management: unified management functions to provide various training data, add, classification, position contains information (rank) configuration, update production, remote update etc..
Database management: test library management functions, including how to add, modify, classification, position (rank) configuration, update production, remote update etc..
User management: the information management function, including the crew information to add, modify, position (rank) configuration, password reset, remote synchronization etc..
Update after convenient system
Remote update: system update system through the maritime satellite broadband remote access to update the package, and update the system (fast but high communication costs)
Local update: system update via email SETT update package, update system (not very timely but low communication cost)
After going online (News)
Ship shore information: the company's dynamic and news information provided by the enterprise.
Comprehensive news: the latest news from the national mainstream media
After the knowledge base
Convention regulations: including MARPOL, STCW, SOLARS, MLC2006, ISPS, ISM and a series of international conventions and rules.
Specification Guide: ABS, BV, CCS, LR, DNV and other international major classification society issued by various specifications.
Rules and regulations: including all kinds of security technology class rules and regulations promulgated by the shipping companies such as sea services, maintenance, insurance, shipping, land navigation, safety committee office system.
After professional technical training and include crew certificate examination covers all kinds of professional and technical materials, mainly in the following aspects: driving management, engineering management, marine meteorology
After training: provide training content upload custom interface ship the given format, support the ship according to the ship type for the ship to upload training materials.
After the training system: enterprise system documentation training and support remote updating a single file operation.
After safety education: Enterprise Security: including enterprise safety culture propaganda film, the production of various types of security training and seminars etc..
After VIDEOTEL:VIDEOTEL training video: crew training video series authorized by the British company VEDIO, the film is classified according to different types and positions, and provide supporting materials and tests, the number of films can be selected by the user.
After the training plan: according to the safety education video training program developed by the company, listed corresponding position to login crew completed the training content. The implementation of the training plan to participate in the online exam. On board the ship type can be added to the training program based on the ship type in the enterprise.

operating ambient
After installation of the system environment
Training host to install the position requires good ventilation, relatively clean.
Training hosts need to access the local area network, the network bandwidth of the proposed network is not less than 100M;
The training host needs to configure a fixed IP address, and the user's computer to the host computer is connected with the data;
Training hosts need to stabilize the 100-24V power supply.
After the user computer configuration recommendations
SETT system has no special requirements for the user computer, ordinary desktop computers or laptops can be used, the proposed configuration is as follows:
P4 3.0GHz CPU and above
1G memory and above
1 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet ports
Support Windows/Mac/Linux and other operating systems
Firefox or Chrome browser (flash player Adobe plugin)
The display resolution is above 1024*768