Foam fire extinguishing system

  • System Overview: balanced pressure foam extinguishing device consists of atmospheric foam tank, foam pump, balanced proportioner, foam pump control box, valves, piping and other components. In the course of the fire, instead of supporting atmospheric foam tank foam liquid can be side edge supplement use, so as to ensure continuity of foam extinguishing system. This balanced foam extinguishing devices are widely used in petrochemical industry, port, large oil depots, airports (hangar), offshore platforms.

Performance parameters:

projectmodelPHP100/3 PHP100/6PHP150/3 PHP150/6PHP150/3 PHP150/6
Working pressure(Mpa)0.2-1.2
Foam mixtureAFFF13-10019-21530-350
Flow range(1/s)                        AFFF-AP25-9560-19095-285
The mixing ratio3-4%or6-7%
Path import and export mixerDN100DN150DN200