Marine fixed fire detection and fire alarm systems

  • The only eligible for EU MED Laboratory Accreditation

    Eligible DNV, CCS recognized classification societies, won the national invention patent, utility model patent, design patent certificate

    According to all major classification societies worldwide, EN-54 rules and the new European standard MED requirements for design and development of

Began in 1995, China's first brand of marine fire alarm

The earliest the Great Hall of the fire alarm system supplier

Cumulative shipment reached million units

Technical team engaged in the development of a fire alarm system over 35 years of excellence, never-ending

BS10 is BSKY the fourth generation of products, performance comparable to Europe

Shanghai World Expo. Brazil Olympics. World Cup ship fire products suppliers

The ring bus loop wiring, when any one line is disconnected, the system can still work properly. Systems with up to eight circuits can be connected with BS10 series APOLLO system bus devices and bus devices.

Fire alarm controllers and fire display panel, friendly interface, support for wall-mounted and embedded two installation methods, easy to operate.

Sound global service network and professional technical team, to provide you with efficient and timely service.