Marine ACCOMMODATION sprinkler system

  • ACCOMMODATION sprinkler system to wet automatic sprinkler system. Suitable for 30 guests or more engineering ship, ro-ro passenger, cruise ships and other cabins, corridors, casino public places.

           Filled with freshwater pressure within the system pipe network, long-term work in the standby state for 4 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ ambient temperature using (only vertical nozzle mounted vertically). When the fire broke out somewhere within the protected area, the corresponding area nozzle temperature after the sensitive element melts, start spray nozzle.

           Under pressure difference, wet alarm valves automatically open and give the partition alarm and integrated alarm, sprinklers sprayed water directly to the fire area. Water from extinguishing the initial packing system pressure tank, when the pressure is low Tank when the liquid level (high level stop), pressure system from fresh water tank fill water pump starts when the pressure reaches the low water level water tank, spray pump spray pump start and provides a signal to the fire control box, reaches the alarm , fire, fire control purpose.

The system consists of wet alarm valve device, the alarm control box, sprinklers (glass ball), the end of the test the water system, the safety signal butterfly valve, pressure switch, automatic exhaust valve, sound and light alarms, pressure tank, water supply pump , spray pumps and fill the pump control box and other components.