Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems

  • ZFPC dry powder extinguishing system is liquefied natural gas vessel (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas vessel (LPG), oil and gas terminals, airports, hangars and other projects important fire-fighting equipment. The fire extinguishing system with manual start and manual / automatic start in two ways. ZFPC dry powder fire extinguishing system on A, B, C, D four types of fire can be used, a large number of or for B, Class C fire (should be selected according to the protected object corresponding powder extinguishing agent). Its main features are as follows: fire a short time, high efficiency fire, extinguishing effect of petroleum products is particularly significant; insulation, and can be charged fighting equipment fire extinguishing equipment after fouling small; cold regions without frost, and available in water-scarce areas; dry powder extinguishing agent long storage without deterioration. The powder extinguishing system CCS Type Approval Certificate.

            Dry nitrogen extinguishing system is powered to provide pressure to the dry tank, pushing the tank dry powder extinguishing agent, transportation by pipeline to a dry powder guns, gun powder or fixed nozzle to reach fighting flammable and combustible liquids, the purpose of combustible gas and electrical equipment fires.

System components

ZFPC automatic dry powder extinguishing system is a device (pneumatic or electric), valves and piping systems and other components started by the dry tank, nitrogen cylinders, gun powder, gun powder, dry system.

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Model and main parameters

Dry storage(Kg)5001111
N2 Number of bottles(68L)2
Gun powder injection rate (Kg/s)1015~2020~2525~3030~50
Powder gunInjection rate3.5kg~5kg,Range≥12m