Nitrogen Systems

  • This product is mainly composed of high-voltage special dedicated nitrogen bottles, stainless steel, special bus, a multi-stage valve boxes and other components, mainly for chemical tankers transport specialty chemicals inerting and tank cleaning.

    This product meets the China Classification Society "Gas Carrier Construction and Equipment of Ships" 2005 edition of requirements, chemical tankers transport specialty chemicals required for pure chemicals liquefied nitrogen tank inerting and clean cabin safety, economy program.

System Features

System bottle valve is copper fittings, high-pressure metal hose, bus and various fittings and accessories are stainless steel, all kinds of high pressure fittings for the United States imported products.

System pressure valve box inlet pressure can be 15Mpa, after a multi-stage decompression valve box, adjusted to a lower pressure required on board, usually 0.7Mpa, 0.017Mpa and others, depending on the chemical tanker transport needs adjustment pressures. The system has a safety valve to prevent system overpressure.

Technical Parameters    

Nitrogen bottle volume50L
Working Pressure20Mpa
System filling pressure15Mpa
Inerting pipeline operating pressure0.017Mpa
Working pressure stripping lines0.7Mpa

System Principle