"TPM" attend "the Passenger Ship Safety Management Seminar"

2015/11/25 19:04:02

  To  learn from South Korea, "years" round sank profound lessons to enhance  the capacity of passenger ships in safety management, emergency  equipment, emergency evacuation, emergency rescue, etc., protect the  safety of passenger ships sailing, Chinese Society of marine vessels  sailing driving Professional Committee in 2014 7 He organized the "passenger ship safety management to enhance the level Seminar" on 4 May in Shanghai. China  Maritime Search and Rescue Center, China Classification Society, China  Institute of Navigation, China Diving Salvage Association, the Shanghai  Salvage Bureau, Shanghai Maritime University, the COSCO Group, China  Shipping Group, Sinotrans Group, the Bohai Sea ferry, the Strait of  shares, 708, special Pu Ma Ship Science and Technology and other relevant units and enterprises to actively participate in the seminar.

Delegates  and experts on passenger ship safety management issues and solutions,  combined with practical experience to share; meeting discussed in detail  the Republic of Korea "years" round sinking accident case, investigate  cause of the accident and the lessons learned; the existing management  to enhance safety on passenger ships ,  aspects of emergency equipment management, emergency evacuation plan,  emergency rescue to discuss capacity-building; and from a ship design,  new passenger ships on how to improve anti-settling or sinking  performance passenger delay, strengthen and improve rescue capabilities  and programs to enhance the chances of passenger survival and other related research.

Te  Pu Ma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the sole ship ship supporting products  (technology) companies, Cai Jin, general manager of the General Assembly  introduced its self-developed "maritime security personnel visual  management system," the system by internal RFID personnel identification  module Real-time  monitoring of passengers, crew and ship dynamic quantity, and set the  alarm function according to security needs; by drowning AIS-MOB rescue  module system, when a person fell into the water manually, automatic two  ways to transmit a distress alarm signal, thereby improving the overall  maritime personnel safety management and rescue level. The  integrated solution (system) has been highly concerned about the  delegates and experts, attracted the interest of many aircraft  (passenger) transport company, and intends to test equipment used in the  relevant ship.