"TPM" polar routes was invited to attend the seminar

2015/11/25 19:03:06

As  China's expedition ship "Xuelong" and COSCO's "Win round" has inspected  and shipping routes in the Arctic, the shipping industry has greatly  aroused interest in this region. However, the current international boat sailing the polar  regions no uniform standard of training the crew sailing the polar  regions are also very small.

August  4, 2014, "International Symposium on marine technology and  demonstration classes polar regions" by the Shanghai Maritime University  jointly Greece Ege University, the University of Gdynia organized at  the Shanghai Shipping Service Center. Jin  Yongxing, Vice President of Shanghai Maritime University, deputy  director of the Ministry of Transport Maritime security center Donghai  Liu Jiahua were welcoming remarks, merchant Hu, vice president of  Shanghai Maritime University, presided over the meeting of Friends of  the ground, things 波兰格丁尼 Sea Maritime University Dean Adam Weintrit,  Greece love Department  of Shipping Trade and Transport Aegean Sea University Professor Nikitas  Nikitakos, Director of Marine Transport Ministry maritime security  center SMO East Wu Yuxiao Assistant Director of China Shipping Group  Safety Management Department Huju Sheng, DNV Maritime Greater China  Strategic Development Mr.  Director Wu Ju San, Dr. Ding Shifeng China Classification Society  Shanghai norms Institute, Dr. Te Pu Ma (Shanghai) Ship Science and  Technology Co., Ltd. Mao repair silver, Continuing Education Dean  Shanghai Maritime University Ruan Wei, Professor Hu Qinyou Merchant  Marine Academy and seats Yongtao associate professors and other polar  regions Nautical themes of technology and demonstration programs or statement made a report, and a lively discussion.

Te  Pu Ma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the sole ship ship equipment and  technology of high-tech enterprises to participate in the meeting, Dr.  Assistant General Manager Mao repair silver at the meeting made a "new  type of ship equipment and technology of Polar Navigation Safety  Guarantee" keynote  speech detailing the Longtepu Ma series for polar routes frontier  technologies and products, including exploration ice radar, GPS compass,  satellite remote sensing imagery processing system, causing the  domestic and foreign experts and end-users a high degree of concern and  interest, the latter will promoting the use of teaching materials and demonstration on polar ship.