TPM started working with Blue Sky Electronics, the new Sunrise, Bol

2015/11/25 19:02:28

August 2014, special Pu Ma (Shanghai) Ship Technology Limited ("Longtepu Mary") were to become Wuxi blue sky Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Blue Sky Electronics"), the new Yang Sheng Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as "New Sunrise "), Beijing Boer world communication Technology Limited (" Boer "), three companies of the maritime marine products marketing center, including the blue sky electronic BSKY ballast water treatment systems and fire alarm systems, new communication Sunrise navigation products, Bohr's Satcom TV products, solely responsible for all products in the worldwide promotion and sales, and directly "blue Sky Electronics", "new Sunrise", "Boer" comprehensive technical support and product quality assurance . Te Pu Ma and blue sky electronics, new Sunrise, Ball alliance, complementary advantages and integration of industry resources, opening the industry's innovative business model. Te Pu Ma as the maritime areas of the ship "two networks as one" platform, will integrate and improve the company's four sales and service outlets, unified external promotion marketing, thereby improving the overall company's four product (technology) industry awareness and Market share.