We reached a strategic cooperation with COSCO Network

2015/11/25 19:01:37

  October  24 afternoon, COSCO Network (Beijing) Limited ("COSCO Network") and the  Ministry of Science, general manager, deputy general manager Liu Si  Teng Wei Chen to visit Longtepu nautical Ma (Shanghai) Ship Technology  Limited (referred to as "special Pu Ma" ), Te Pu Ma Cai Jin, general manager with the management team to  give a reception, the two sides ECDIS, SETT systems and energy  management systems and other marine equipment and technology carried out  in-depth discussion and exchanges.

"COSCO  Network" by the China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO GROUP) and  COSCO (HK) Group (COSCO HONG KONG) owned China Ocean Network Ltd. a  joint venture, is a leading IT service provider, is committed customized with core competence and distinctive feature of systemic technical solutions. "Longtepu  Mary" as the focus on the field of maritime ship products (technology)  research and development, production, sales and service enterprises,  with their own products and technological achievements, and has  successfully promoted and applied in the market by the industry, many  customers and partners recognized partners.

The  two sides will expand the market, technical (product) development and  application of their respective advantages, to achieve the integration  of resources, complementary advantages, the depth of integration,  innovation and development of strategic cooperation objectives.