Japan KOKUYO shipyard five LPG boat ballast water treatment system

2015/11/25 18:59:59

March 17, 2015, BSKY & TPM marketing center for the Japanese KYOKUYO shipyards announced five new boat leading BSKYTMBWMS LPG ship's ballast water management systems.

        It is reported that five ships is an internationally renowned LPG owner EPIC Group custom-made, the group manages nearly 50 tankers, which is once again exceeded KYOKUYO shipyard in the field of LPG ship.

        BSKYTMBWMS ship Wuxi blue sky Electronics Co., Ltd. of ballast water treatment system with excellent environmental protection, energy-saving features, reliable service and a unique pre-service management system, won the Japan, Germany, South Korea and other world-class shipyards, shipowners wide praise. As of March 2015, the product has received nearly 300 sets of orders, these orders is the third installment of the sky in 2015, Wuxi orders received from Japan, the product and service highly recognized Japanese shipyard technology sector.