"Run it, especially Ma Po" will come to an end in mid-2015

2015/11/25 18:58:56

   Time flies, time as gold. January 30, 2015, special Pu Ma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in mid-2014 will ship successfully ended in harmonious and warm atmosphere. Companies of all employees, and many invited guests gathered together through this joy.

       2014 for "special Pu Ma" is concerned is not unusual year. This year, the company was incorporated, sailing; this year, the company's integration of resources, innovation and development; this year, the full working together, steadily expanding business, industry fame.

     Total lunar summed up his, the future renewal articles

       In a staff meeting, Cai Jin, general manager reviewed the 2014 business growth and change, while prospects of development and planning in 2015. CaiZongqiang transfer, the company will always be "user focus, learning and innovation, exchange and cooperation, realize the value" concept, requiring each employee in 2015 under the guidance of the company's overall strategic framework, based on the post, together, forge ahead in unity, sales fight new high performance, the company's overall goal to a higher level.

       Marketing, sales, product technology and management departments are summarized the main work in 2014, while in 2015 the respective departments carried out a detailed plan.


      Lanling wine tulips, Yu Wan Sheng amber light

       In the evening, they gathered in small partners "run it, Longtepu Mary!" Towards evening activities Ram scene. A different kind of New Year, a different kind of exciting. Events in Cai Jin, general manager of Prose Speech "run it, Longtepu Mary, with great trust running away" began, also set off a climax the first party.

       After the speech, the Company held 2014 annual ceremony in recognition of outstanding employees. Young forest product technology department, marketing department Shi Xiaoyan, Zhou Jing Department of Management were awarded "dedication Award", "Best Progress Award" and "bold innovation award." On Thanksgiving, while the award-winning staff, have said it would continue efforts in their respective positions, to contribute their efforts for the company's development.


    The party invited to the Dr. Dai Yang, chief technical adviser, granted by Cai Jin, general manager of its letter of appointment.

       Subsequently wonderful hula, four little swans dance, most Vulcan song "chick chick" Dance, flute solo and other performing arts center stage, as well as hilarious interactive games, also arranged an exciting lucky draw. Annual prizes quite attractive, exciting lucky draw, and the atmosphere is even more enthusiastic ~~~

       Warm environment, mellow wine, rich food, which lasted three hours of joy party so guests and staff had a relaxed, jubilant, unforgettable night. Te Pu Ma good corporate culture is not only reflected in the customer first, and strive on excellence in products and services, while the implementation of the value of all the partners and employees of the realization. 2015 run it, special Pu Ma!