Teal Ocean Fishing Company leaders visit TPM

2015/11/25 18:58:01

November 17, 2014, dier offshore fishing Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Jinhua, Mr. Gartner maintenance manager and Mr. Zhong Hua country line business executives to "Te Pu Ma" company visits, exchanges.  Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd. was established in December 1996, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Fisheries (Group) Corporation, is a deep-sea fishing and fish-related cargo processing, sales and supplies in one of the export-oriented enterprises.

      "Te Pu Ma" Cai Jin, general manager of the company's business to the owner introduced the current situation and the development of strategic planning, the owner of our company, "Ship Energy Efficiency Management System" and "Fuel Monitoring System" expressed strong interest, and product content put forward reasonable suggestions. After the meeting, the owner visited the room "special Pu Ma," the company's products, the company's products have a more intuitive, comprehensive understanding.