Te Puma Ship Technology Limited (TPM)

2015/11/25 18:57:07

Te Puma Ships Ltd. (TPM) is composed of Wuxi blue sky Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly Shanghai on Anhang Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Boer World Communications Limited, and Shanghai dysprosium Ship Technology Limited, Suzhou Yang Sheng Electric Co., Ltd. co-founded. Focusing on maritime safety, marine environmental protection, maritime intelligence platform products (technology) sales and services. The company's core management team has extensive experience from the industry professionals, the core technical team from the relevant institutions and research institutes.

Since its establishment, carry out the industry, academia, research, and other aspects of resource integration, customer-focused to achieve a range of products and technical achievements in the field of maritime vessels, and successfully promoted and applied in the market, has been recognized by customers and praise, has become one of the most competitive service providers (technical) in the field of maritime ship supporting products.